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Jul 25, 2010 6:00pm EDT
, over somerset county in south maryland, and worcester county and northeastern acombic county in eastern virginia. and then we have watches in effect for the tidal potomac and the maryland portion of the chesapeake bay. there we've had strong storms moving through across the area. but this also includes counties such as the maryland counties such as anne arundel, dorchester, howard, kent, prince george's, queen anne, somerset, all of those under a severe thunderstorm watch. so we've had a lot of damage. we talked about the peak wind gusts, up to 70 mile-per-hour winds today. things are finally calming down and by tonight we'll see some partly cloudy skies as the storms and our overnight low being around 72 degrees and we'll have more updates on the reports of the damage that happened later on and take a look at our forecast as we head into a brand new week where things will be calmer as well as a lot cooler. back to you. >>> take a look at this. this is in beltsville. a woman died inside a van when a tree came down right on top of it there in the middle of the street. she died, her daugh
Jul 11, 2010 6:00pm EDT
, jonathan seerie, fox news. >>> is there something at fort deidrich in frederick, maryland that's causing cans near people who live nearby? it's a question hundreds of people are asking. many of them have been diagnosed with the disease and they full sure there is a connection, but is there evidence? fox 5's roz plater takes a closer look at what is going on. >> reporter: there is a fighting for frederick campaign take has been organized by a family that is battling cancer. they also claim to have found more than 200 other folks who are also suffering from cancer, all of whom live within a few miles of a fort deidrich army base. dozens of those concerned families packed a town hall meeting in frederick, many asking if the cancers in their families are somehow connected to the fort deidrich army base. the gathering was organized by the kristin renee foundation named for a 30-year-old mother who died of an aggressive form of brain cancer two years ago. now her mother is battling an aggressive form of kidney cancer. they think there may be some sort of environmental pollution from the base.
Jul 4, 2010 6:00pm EDT
into someone from d.c., maryland or virginia. so what do you think about our celebration? >> the parade was great. so many people and so much enthusiasm. the floats were awesome and great colors. >> it's hot but it's exciting. and we're happy to be here and everything seems really well organized. >> later tonight jimmy smith and reba mcintyre kick off a capital 4th so a lot ahead as america celebrates it's 234th birthday. gwen, what do you think? >> it's hot out there. >> have ants in your pants because it's hot out there. >> and a great celebration time and it's great weather. >>> let's take another look outside and show you exactly how things are really just adaptable for tonight's celebration. plenty of clear skies and yes, the heat is on in d.c. we are talking about major heat. but you know what, as long as you do all of the things you need to do to stay cool and protect yourself, you'll be fine. clear skies for the fireworks. a very warm night. temperatures unbelievably high. humidity will return as we move into the beginning of the week and the week ahead we are talking no break
Jul 18, 2010 6:00pm EDT
a fun night at the lake. >>> but first strategy strikes in maryland for a contractor. stay where you are. we're coming right back at you.  >>> a deadly accident on what's normally not seen as a dangerous job in baltimore. a contractor working on a sewer system was killed when a trench collapsed on him. the worker fell into a hole eight or ten feet deep and suddenly all of the dirt caved in on top of him. firefighters tried to rescue him but it was just too late. >> so quick, just out of nowhere -- it just happened so quick. >> tragic. that's a sad situation. something that started out so simple cost somebody. >> i commend all of the firefighters for the hard work they do. they help other people and i think it's admirable. >> reporter: crews had to stabilize the french to make sure the collapse did not get worse. so far the man's fame has not yet been released but he was in his late 20s. >>> investigators will search a state park near seattle looking for evidence after a shooting rampage there last night. when it was all over two people were dead, four more were hurt and six people under
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4